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BO = bohemian /// EROS = love

If you search the word BOHEMIAN, you’re likely to come across this modern definition: (n.) Gypsy. Wanderer. A person, musician, artist or writer who lives a free-spirited life and believes in truth, freedom, and love.

I guess that makes us Bohemians who share a dream to design and create lifestyle products that you wear, decorate with, look at, play with, listen to, write in, clean with, love, and use every day. We make each item in the true bohemian spirit that infuse our love of art, music, and adventure.

We are committed to making products that are unique, beautiful, functional and also eco-conscious. We make sure to use the most environmentally-friendly dyes and inks that are not harmful to our beautiful planet. We print our paper products on recycled paper, and we use reclaimed or sustainable materials for our home goods.

Because we make each piece by hand, our designs are available only in small edition batches, which makes everything we make just a little rarer and exclusive.

We create each piece with love in Southern California, where we design, print, paint, dye, cut, stitch, pound, saw, and fulfill your order.

*if you’re reading this, you may think, “Hmmm, I see mostly clothing so far… what gives?” Well, we will be introducing many new and wondrous things very soon! Stay tuned!

Tima and Rick

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