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100% Cotton, solid color face mask.  Washable and reusable.  Comes with filter, nose wire, ear loops, and long strap for ultimate fit.



Each mask is made with two layers of prewash and preshrunk 100% Cotton. It comes with elastic ear loops and a long strap tie for the ultimate custom fit.

Please note the color of the elastic and strap tie may may vary due to availability at time of production. The print pattern on the fabric may also vary, depending on where the mask is cut on the fabric.

For better protection and fit, we are also including a flexible wire which fits into an opening at the top of the mask and can be molded over the nose and face.

There is also an opening to insert additional filter, tissue, paper towel, etc. We are including a piece of shop towel fabric which has been recommended as a non woven filtering option by Peter Tsai, the inventor of the N-95 mask fabric, as appeared in recent article in the Washington Post (See more info under the About The Filter tab). This fabric can be hand washed for reuse.

Please note: We make no claims as to the filtering protection offered in these masks. We have included the shop towel fabric as possibly a better filtering option than the mask alone.

Excerpt from Washington Post Article:

Peter Tsai, the materials scientist who invented the electrostatic charging technology that N95 masks — the highest-quality medical masks on the market — rely on, also believes that homemade masks are an important part of the United States’ battle against the coronavirus. He offered another material for DIY mask makers to consider: nonwoven fabrics

Nonwoven fabrics, which Tsai did years of research on to improve medical masks, are made of individual fibers or filaments that are bound together mechanically, thermally or chemically. They are not knit or woven together, like most cotton.
Not all nonwoven fabrics are ideal for masks. Wet wipes are made of nonwoven fabric but are too porous, Tsai said. Vacuum bags are also generally made of nonwoven fabric but are not breathable.

Tsai recommended using car shop towels as mask material. The towels, available in rolls and often blue in color, would do a better job of filtering droplets than cloth, he said. The material is “very strong,” he said. “And it can be washed with soap and water and reused.”

The towels, he said, could also be used in conjunction with cloth masks, serving as an additional filtering layer. Still, like MacIntyre, he said that cloth is better than nothing. “Any cloth material can help. It is not perfect, but it can stop large droplets from getting out, and from getting in,” he said.

Read the full article here

How to care for your mask.  Before washing:
Remove Filter
Remove Nose Wire
Hand wash or machine wash on gentle cycle
Reshape your mask when you remove it from the washer
Hang dry
Low iron, if needed
Do not iron elastic

Please note that due to the personal nature of this item, we do not accept any returns, unless they arrive damaged or defective. If you have any problems with your order, please contact us.

Stay Safe!!

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